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my edr

My EDR (Electronic Diet Record)

It has the users current and past tweaks, with the nutritionist comments, and Nutrition Labels.
Also has the rating you gave for every tweak.

nutrition labels

Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels, helps users see the macro-nutrient profile (Calories, Carbs, Proteins, Fibre, Fat, etc.) of every meal. It’s created almost instantaneously by our AI platform tweakyfai.

Recipe Wall

Recipe Wall

Healthy Eating at your fingertips.
Cook, Fix or get it delivered hot!

tweak wall

Tweak Wall

You can SHARE the tweak from My EDR. Write a comment & Post it to the Tweak Wall

my nutrition

Daily Dashboard

‘Daily Dashboard’ helps users monitor their calorie and macro-nutrient consumption trends.
Trend is your friend!

my fitness

My Fitness

Eat Right now supports integration with devices like fitbit, iPhone Health App and iWatch.

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